Wire low stool

This stool is the outcome of Design for Production Studio taught by Jonah Takagi. In this class, we collaborated with Rockford Specialties, which is a wire forming & cutting manufacturer. We developed the design based on the communication with the manufacturer, and learned about the available method and the constraints of making the designs that could be produced in-multiple.

The following images illustrated how I shaped and reshaped my design from sketch to real product. The technical drawings is the final version I submitted to the manufacturer and the final product is made by myself with the assistance of technician in RISD’s metal shop. In the making process, I encountered many “technical limitations”, but surprisingly, these limitations led to lovely & aesthetic details that I and my peers in the class enjoyed more than the original Rhino model. Quote from Jonah, “Trust the process.” I totally agree!

I got inspiration from flowers. The symmetrical patterns of petals inspired me to design modules that could be arranged in different ways to create different forms.

Some initial sketches


Final design

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