Taking inspiration from the classic game of hide & seek and kids' favorite peek-a-boo, I came up with the most adorable plushie concept ever! It's a cloud with stars and a moon hiding inside, and I can't wait to add a cute little pocket where kids can also hide their hands. I chose the softest short fleece fabric to make it feel cozy and warm, just like a cloud on a chilly night.

I started with creating patterns and making paper prototype:


I made the cloud with three pieces of fabric - grey short fleece fabric for the outside (maybe to make it more easier for moms)
and softer white fleece for the inside. 

Take a look at the inside👀 


I also made those funny hats that will make noise if you shake them. Shaking off bad emotions and the hat will eat up your anxiety!!!! The hats could be connected by magnets inside


Plushies for celebrating Chinese New Year of Rabbit🐰 

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